Solutions for everyone. If you have one of those situations where you just can't find what you need to solve a problem. We will search the world to find the solution for you.

Always available if you need us. We have unique service options available for those clients that need immediate solutions in a crisis situation...  learn more

PIZAZZ sells and integrates the latest technology. Sometimes it is something simple. Sometimes it is something elaborate. Whatever it is, PIZAZZ stays on top of the latest technological solutions to make sure your needs are taken care of. Whether it is the latest camera or a special custom Cat5 wiring solution, we will work side by side with you to find just the right item for you.


There is more than just picking out a part.To properly design a solution, we do not just pick a part off the shelf or out of a catalog. We look at what the client intends to do in the future. We investigate all the different aspects of the situation. We find the right part at the right price to fit in our client's budget. Of course, there is always more than price alone in making a decision. We take into consideration the long term goals of our clients and how the solution we propose will help them down the road..

We do not just sell the technology. We use it. PIZAZZ has a unique position in the marketplace because we use the technology we sell. You can find us out doing live production with the same exact equipment we sell. We truly know the equipment inside and out. We are not a box house just selling you a piece of gear. We are out there every day working with the same gear so we know all the ins and outs. When you purchase something from us you also are receiving years of accumulated knowledge and experience.
We continually stay current on all the advances in technology. We attend trade shows, press events, and product training to always expand our knowledge of all the different pieces of the pie.

We share the knowledge we acquire freely. If you are stuck and just need to bounce a concept off of us, we are more than willing to listen and add our opinion.