The right product can make all the difference...

The right product for the right solution

We maintain relationships with all the right companies to supply our clients with just the right product to fit their needs. We sell and distribute sound, lighting, and video equipment from all the major manufacturers. If you need it then we can supply it.


We identified a need and we fulfilled it.

Many of our clients fight the battle of running long cable runs for their events while still keeping the video quality as high as possible. We developed a rugged Cat5 cabling solution for those clients. We have versions that carry YUV component, Svideo, or Composite video along with Tally and Communications. Some of our systems can run off a single flexible tactical Cat5 cable we sell, while most systems run off a special dual Cat5 cable we had manufactured especially for us and this application.

" I need to webstream an event but there is no internet connection!"

We can not tell you how many times we have heard this and been in this same situation. Well we finally have the solution for this problem. Check out our new Satellite Broadcast units.

"There has to be more to it than just a box." - Jef Kethley

This is the motto our company has lived by since the beginning. We sell more than just a box. We sell a solution with the support needed for that solution. If you are just looking for a box of equipment then we might not be the right company for you. If you are looking for a solution from someone who strives to make you successful and be your partner, then you have found the right place. PIZAZZ does much more than just sell a box.

NewTek's TriCaster line fits many producer's needs.The hugely successful TriCaster line of products from NewTek has been a big seller for us since the very beginning. We have clients like the NCAA using them to webcast College sports. We have church clients using them to bring their ministry out to the world beyond their normal brick walls. .
Looking for an easy way to broadcast on the web from the middle of nowhere?.Even with the internet becoming more and more available in more and more locations, there are still places in the world that the internet is missing. It may be missing, it may be just too slow, whichever it is we have a solution to make it available for you. Our new Satellite Broadcast solutions is your solution.